Club Administration Committee

Committee Members

  • Program Committee Chair: Alfredo Aguirre
  • Social Committee Chair: Deborah O;Connor Richman and Barbar Slutsky
  • Seargeant at Arms:  Guillermo "Billy" Canedo & Matthew Saneholtz
  • Family of Rotary:  TBD
  • Legal Committee:  Michael Freedland

Role of the Club Administration Committee

  • Provide interesting and relevant programs at weekly meetings.
  • Present speaker with a Special Rotary Gift.
  • Plan social events six months in advance to include different venues and activities.
  • Coordinate social events with Rotary District.
  • Establish events of special interest to spouses/partners and children of members.
  • Create a friendly and inviting atmosphere to members and guests.



    Contact Info

    • Contact Alfredo Aguirre if you would like to suggest a program that would enhance our weekly meetings. Alfredo Aguirre.
    • Contact Athena Salhdana if you would like to join their fun-loving committee or host a social night at your home.