Council of Past Presidents

Committee Chair - Julian Gazzano

As Chair of the Rotary Club of Weston Council of Past Presidents for the year 2016 - 2017, I will be pleased to assist by providing the following functions when requested:

  • Interpret Club by-laws; and
  • Participate in meetings to make certain they are in accordance with appropriate procedure.

Rarely do you walk into any organization’s weekly or monthly meeting and meet the array of past presidents as you do at the Rotary Club of Weston. On numerous occasions the statement has been said by our guests “ Wow, you have a lot of Past Presidents here”.

The Past President’s Council of The Rotary Club of Weston has over the years been charged with the task of being our Club’s watch dog. We not only pass the gavel at our annual installation banquet but are there to guide our Board of Directors when challenging issues arise.

Past Presidents of The Rotary Club of Weston take the title seriously and are committed Rotarians. Evidence of this is the fact that our first President Steve Press is still an active member of our club. Being a Rotarian is a commitment and an endorsement of the Four Way Test. We as Rotarians should all strive to live by this not only in relationship with other Rotarians but in our everyday life. Rotary is not a coat you put on when you walk into a meeting and take off at the end of the meeting.

The spirit of Rotary , like the spirit of chivalry, is the rightness of the act. The payment is spiritual. Your acts make you a Rotarian.




Contact Info

If you have any questions for the Council of Past Presidents, please email Julian Gazzano