Public Relations & Communications Committee

Committee Members [2017-2018]

  • Gaye Stewart-Loudis
  • Kathy Blanton
  • Bob Greene
  • Margarita Lartitegui
  • Joe Roth
  • Pat Hornsby
  • Doug Maymon

Objectives of the Public Relations & Communications Committee

  • Position Rotary Club of Weston (RCOW) as one of the leading community service organizations in Southwest Broward County.
  • Use our award-winning  web site to deliver Rotary Club of Weston’s news and communications to our membership and targeted constituencies.
  • Maintain a monthly presence in Weston Lifestyle Magazine and Our City Weston so as to strengthen the “Rotary Club of Weston” brand within our Southwest Broward community and among our target constituencies.
  • Tell the story of Rotary, both locally and internationally in a compelling manner that interests both club members and members of our community. Emphasize narrative in both photos (action!) and text.
  • Promote the Weston Rotary events to the club and to the public through the web site and trhough social media and local media.

Role of the Public Relations & Communications Committee

  • Maintain a professional website and leverage the power of social media (i.e. Face Book, etc) to expand the awareness of RCOW and its current activities among our target constituencies.
  • Implement an effective community relations / publicity / media relations program that positions RCOW as one of Southwest Broward’s leading community service organizations, and contributes to building a benefit-related awareness for the club’s community service activities.
  • In addition to the opportunities to build  a benefit-related awareness for RCOW through an effective public relations and club communications program support other key elements of the marketing mix to advance the RCOW brand such as:
    • Media advertising (i.e. PSA’s – Print, Broadcast, Cable),
    • RCOW promotional materials,
    • Merchandising / signage program,
    • Direct marketing & viral marketing,
    • Strategic alliances & co-operative marketing.
  • Support the club’s fundraising activities, major sponsorship sales and sponsor relations to assure sufficient funding for the club’s service programs.




Contact Info

To contribute to news or communications of the Rotary Club of Weston, please Email Gaye Stewart-Loudis.