Rotary Club of Weston Members Directory

Worldwide Humanitarian Service Organization

Member Name Classification Position Email
Abitante, John Accountant Member Email
Aquirre, Alfredo Financial Services Member Email
Aleshire, Susan Mechanical Air Conditioning Member Email
Altschul, Joseph E. Attorney - Business and Real Estate Youth Exchange Officer Email
Batzel, Franko Restaurateur Member Email
Blanton, Kathy Web Services Member Email
Blews, Cynthia Education Member Email
Blews, George IT Consultant Member Email
Bouchillon, Harris Fire Chief Member Email
Brandt, Beth Residential Mortgages Member Email
Brathwaite, Jorge Banking Member Email
Broksch, Dawn Healthcare Administration Member Email
Buckley, Suzanne Marketing Member Email
Burk, Carolyn Nursing - Retired President Elect Email
Butler, Kevin Chief of Police Member Email
Calle, Harold Realtor Member Email
Casey, Mary Beth Travel Member Email
Chess, Steven Realtor - Commercial Club Director Email
Colman, Bonnie S. Realtor - Luxury Homes & Relo Specialist Member Email
Coombs, Michael Fire Marshall Member Email
Coren, Brad E. Attorney - Civil & Commercial Member Email
Cross, John Landscaping Services Member Email
De Castro, Raul Financial Services Member Email
Dreier, Frank Marketing Member Email
Dubois, Geneve Attorney Member Email
Englander, Buzz Decorated Apparel Member Email
Espino, Milin Healthcare Administration Member Email
Fass, Joel Attorney Programs Chair Email
Feldman, Lee Popcorn Retailer/Gifts Member Email
Freedland, Michael Attorney - Medical Malpractice Past President Email
Friedel, Lee M. Dentist/General Member Email
Garcia, Ines Realtor Member Email
Garza, Robert Construction Member Email
Gazzano, Julian Retired School Administrator Club Director Email
Gebaide, Rachel Caterering Member Email
Goldberg, Adam Attorney/Estate Planning Member Email
Goldstein, Stephen D. Banking Retail Club Treasurer Email
Gormon, John J Nonprofid Administration Member Email
Grant, Jim Printer Member Email
Greene, Robert W Non-Profit Sgt-At-Arms Email
Greninger, Brent Financial Advisor Member Email
Gutierrez, Jeanna Realtor Member Email
Hackley, M. Keil Attorney Member Email
Harms, Robert Education New Generations Chair Email
Harvey, Nugene E. Jr. Banking - Private Vice President Email
Helber, Richard Financiel Services Credit Union Member Email
Herman, Larry Manufacturing Past President/Club Director Email
Heron, Keith Fitness Trainer Sgt-At-Arms Email
Hornsby, Pat Short Marketing Member Email
Horwitz, Jerry Financial Advisor Member Email
Hoyos, Ricardo Technology Broker Member Email
Huard, Mark M Banking - Commercial Lending Member Email
Hyatt, Steven W Attorney Member Email
Iovino, Anthony Facilities Maintenance Member Email
Jaffer, Mohsin M.D. Geriatric Physician Member Email
Jaffer, Shalina Architect Member Email
Kabuka, Solomon T. Business Consultant Member Email
Kalis, Neal R. Attorney Past President Email
Kallman, Thomas Insurance - Commercial & Large Homes Programs Chair Email
Keir, Bruce M. Banking - Commercial Past President Email
Kilgard, Clark Clergy Club Director Email
Klocman, Bernard Healthcare Technology Member Email
Lander, Roger Realtor Member Email
Lartitegui, Margarita Realtor Member Email
Leitz, Joy Marketing Consultant Past President Email
Levison, Franny Promotional Items Member Email
Lewis, Robin Insurance Broker Member Email
Li, Caiqin Financial Services Member Email
LoBiondo, Michael Ross Public Insurance Adjuster Member Email
Lucchesi, Pablo Linen Contractor Member Email
Mannix, Jack Travel Member Email
Marouf, Joe restaurateur Member Email
Martin, Douglas Financial Advisor Member Email
Mayen, Rodrigo Retired Engineer Member Email
Maymon, Deborah Ann Corporate executive Rotary Education Chair Email
McDoom, Winston Contractor Member Email
Maymon, Douglas Ross Marketing Executive Past President Email
Mc Grath, Robert Renould Business Devlopment Consulting Member Email
McLendon, Paula Realtor Member Email
Messina, Peter Commercial Real Estate Member Email
Montana, Sonia Insurance and Risk Management Club Director Email
Morales, Carlos Risk Management Member Email
Mosley, Claudia Marcela Merchant Services Member Email
Neely, Charles Scott High School Principal Member Email
Norton, James Daniel Magazine Publisher Past President Email
Ochoa, Carlos Restaurant Owner Member Email
Ortega, Marianella Marketing Member Email
Padron, JM Commercial Realtor Member Email
Petron, Keith Automotive Repair Member Email
Pickens, Anita Large Format Digital Planning Member Email
Pinzon, Liliana Telecommunications Member Email
Poh, Andrew Financial Advisor Member Email
Press, Steven R. Accounting - CPA Past President Email
Prickett, Craig S Mortgage Broker Sgt-At-Arms Email
Ray, Reuben Computer Sales Retired Member Email
Reboredo, Gaston Real Estate Investments Past President Email
Richman (O'Connor), Deborah Nursing Executive Past President Email
Ros, Marie Realtor Member Email
Rosenthal, Alex Attorney Member Email
Roth, Joseph A. Jeweler Assistant Governor Email
Roth, Shari Business Consultant - Organization
Member Email
Ruiz, Ken e-Commerce / Gifts & Incentives Past President Email
Sadoff, Fred R. Accounting - CPA Member Email
Schmidt, George Merchant Services Member Email
Schultz, Denise Insurance and Risk Management Club Secretary Email
Schultz, Herb Insurance and Risk Management Member Email
Sierra, Juan Landscaping Services Member Email
Sitero, Karen Retail Management Member Email
Slutsky, Barbara Lynn Photography Member Email
Smiley, Ryan Health & Wellness Member Email
Spencer, Collene Patricia Financial Representative Member Email
Stark, Rick Insurance Broker Member Email
Stermer, Daniel Member Email
Stettin, Eric Attorney Member Email
Stewart-Loudis, Gayle Hospitality Management Club Director Email
Suarez, Andy eCommerce Club Webmaster Email
Taylor, Martin International Education Member Email
Turner, John Marketing/Network Past President Email
Werner, Tim Veteran - retired Member Email
Works, Mike Administrator - High School Member Email
Yeh, Charles R Medical Devices Manufacturing President Email
Yeh, Susan Iverson Advertising Executive Social Chair Email
Young, Dan Accounting Past President Email



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